The yoga coach is as pretty as an angel, showing off her body lines with a bold cut skirt

Recently, the image of a Chinese social media beauty named Xiyu wearing a bold cut silk dress has attracted many netizens' love. She wears a 2-string dress with a body-hugging fit to highlight her feminine curves. The main highlight is the cut-out detail at the waist and the high slit to the hips. Not only did she score points for her perfect figure, but she also received many compliments for her delicate taste by combining simple accessories such as a thin necklace, a sedge hat, and a gentle makeup layer.

Xiyu is currently a freelance model. In addition, she is also a well-known yoga instructor. On her personal page, Xiyu often posts pictures of traveling in many parts of the world and has a hobby of playing the violin.

In real life, Xiyu has a feminine taste and is extremely elegant. Her outfits are usually not too picky, but focus mainly on showing off her figure. Xiyu loves designs with ideal stretch to make it as comfortable as possible while moving. Style is also a factor that she noted.

Most of the dresses that Xiyu wears are not too short and have a certain amount of openness, revealing the maximum of the charming collarbone, as well as the slender shoulders. This is also a way to cheat on height, making girls' bodies look slimmer and longer. Sometimes, beauties also change by wearing dresses with elaborate motifs to avoid boredom, and combine accessories with glasses of the same color as the chain.

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