Rangnick likens MU the worst of his career, not daring to dream of winning the Champions League

MU has just won an important victory against Tottenham in the English Premier League with the brilliance of Cristiano Ronaldo. According to the Mirror, this victory is also very meaningful to Ralf Rangnick because it is also the match to mark 100 days of leading the "Red Devils" of the German teacher.

Ralf Rangnick has led MU a total of 19 matches and won only 9 victories, equivalent to a rate of 47%. This is the lowest win rate among all the "Red Devils" managers after Alex Ferguson. In fact, Rangnick's MU only lost 2/19 matches, but they drew 8 times.

Compared to the same period of David Moyes, Luis Van Gaal, Mourinho or Solskjaer, Rangnick is the coach with the fewest wins but the least number of losses. Solskjaer is the coach with the best start with 14 wins and 40 goals while Rangnick's figure is only 28.

If just looking at the above numbers and concluding that Solskjaer is good at Rangnick, that would be a big mistake. Perhaps none of the above coaches took over the team in a bad state like the German teacher, but Rangnick still found his own path for himself and MU too.

After the victory over Tottenham, Rangnick did not hesitate to call MU "the worst team he has ever led" to talk about his difficulties. “What happened is exactly what I like about the club. Before the game started, we felt like we were "dead" and were attending our own memorial service.

 It's like I'm managing the worst team ever. However, after the 3-2 win over Tottenham, we can now think of another Champions League victory. If you ask me, MU has a chance to reach the Champions League final, I will frankly answer that is not realistic.

The match against Tottenham was like a final. If we lose, we run out of Top 4 race. This victory has not brought us to the end of the road but at least, MU is still on the track.

On Tuesday (March 15), we have another "final" match to be able to participate in the quarter-finals of the Champions League. Everyone in the club from fans, players to other members wants to continue to participate in Europe's top division. Now, for us, this match is like the final. It's a must win."

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