Chelsea only has enough money for 17 days of operation, coach Tuchel admits to being scared

British media reported that Chelsea's operating budget was only enough for 17 days, because all revenue was cut off. Chelsea are spending £28m a month on players' wages, but are believed to have just £16m left in the bank account.

After billionaire Roman Abramovich's assets were frozen, Chelsea was also banned from all business activities. They are not allowed to sell tickets on a match-by-match basis, making it impossible for away fans to go to Stamford Bridge to watch football. Souvenir shops have to close, some major sponsors have suspended contracts.
Chelsea had a meeting with members of the British Government on March 11 to come to an agreement to ease, help the club complete this season, along with a special mechanism to sell the team, to avoid falling into bankruptcy. . If the money runs out, Chelsea will have to enter the management of the Government, this is something that has never happened to an English Premier League club.
The Sun recently reported that Chelsea could be deducted up to 9 points in the Premier League if a new owner cannot be found. This is the standard penalty if a football team falls into a state of government control.
"The Blues" are about to have a home match in the 29th round of the Premier League against Newcastle on March 13. Facing the club's stressful situation, coach Tuchel admitted that this is also a big worry for hundreds of other employees working for the West London club.

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