"The daughter of the most beautiful woman in Italy" posing on a yacht is too attractive

 Deva Cassel is a name attracting a lot of public attention when increasingly expressing herself in the fashion field. Recently, she posted a new photo on her personal page and received many compliments. Deva Cassel is attractive in an impressive red shirt design with tassel details combined with short silver slim pants.

The girl born in 2004 is known as "the daughter of the most beautiful woman in Italy" - Monica Bellucci. Besides, her father is also famous for the beauty of the actor - French actor Vincent Cassel. This helps Dave Cassel inherit the impressive French - Italian beauty.
Along with that is the height of 1m75. Her father is 1m87 tall and her mother is 1m71 tall. Therefore, it is not surprising that Deva Cassel soon possessed the height of a model.

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