MU decided to "live on" Atletico, Chelsea beware of the hottest "dark horse" in the second leg of the 1/8 round of the C1 Cup

 The second leg series of the 1/8 Champions League round saw the final victories for the two English teams that played last week, Liverpool and Man City. Now, MU and Chelsea will be the next representatives of the foggy country with tickets to the quarterfinals if they can overcome Atletico Madrid and Lille.

The focus will be on the match between MU and Atletico Madrid (3h, 16/3). The "Red Devils" ran extremely well for the match against the La Liga champions when they beat Tottenham at home with a score of 3-2. The dramatic chase ended with the goal of completing the hat-trick of superstar Cristiano Ronaldo.
The Portuguese star is more energetic than ever as he actively presses and above all has the ability to seize the perfect opportunity. This will be the breaking drill that MU desperately needs at this time. In addition, the fact that coach Ralf Rangnick helps Sancho or Fred increasingly sublimate is bringing a new breath of life at Old Trafford.
If playing properly, MU can completely dream of a victory in 90 minutes. In this season's season, the away goals rule has been abolished by UEFA and if there is a draw with any score in the second leg, the two teams must also enter extra time.

This is not what the "Red Devils" are waiting for when they often appear exhausted in the pressing style that coach Rangnick built. In contrast, Atletico Madrid will certainly enter the game cautiously because coach Simeone understands that they will not be allowed to be subjective. The last-minute goal in the first leg is a lesson for Atletico to focus more on this confrontation.
In the match taking place at the same time, Ajax will return to their home ground to welcome Benfica after the first leg is full of goals. 4 goals divided equally for both teams to help the situation of the second leg is still very unpredictable. Benfica showed a strong will when twice being led and then twice brought back equalizers. However, this will be the match that the Portuguese team has to be a guest. Therefore, Benfica's chance to continue will be narrower when being a guest against Ajax has never been an easy task for any team.
One day behind MU was Chelsea when the London team marched to France to confront Lille (3h, 17/3). "The Blues" is experiencing too many events since Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich has his assets frozen by the British government. Even moving and living in France this time will cause many difficulties for the Chelsea stars.
However, Tuchel's teachers and students still prove that it is still a side story and they are focusing on the professional aspect. The advantage of 2 goals in the first leg is too much motivation for Chelsea to be comfortable in the way of entering the game against Lille. The two consecutive victories of the Stamford Bridge home team in the Premier League in the past week have shown that they are undeterred by the problems on the sidelines.
Lille still put great determination to surprise the British representative. Liverpool won 2-0 in the first leg against Inter but also had to go through a few moments of howling in the rematch last week. Therefore, Chelsea will need to stay focused while advancing in the Champions League is almost the only goal for them for the rest of this season.
In the match taking place at the same time, Juventus will have the home field advantage in welcoming Villarreal. "Old Lady" has lost the victory in the first leg and this will be an opportunity for them to solve the opponent in the upcoming rematch. Juventus' form since December has been very stable with only 1 loss to Inter in January, so Villarreal is hardly a surprise.

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