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Since Russia launched a special military operation in Ukraine from February 24 to now, observers say that move has officially ended the global order formed after the Cold War, with the West. is the most influential force in the world. Moscow is determined to dismantle the current international political structure, creating new changes that are more favorable to Russia, and the results in Ukraine will show whether this effort is successful.

The West, Ukraine misunderstand Russia
In a recent article for The Washington Post, expert David Ignatius of the Belfer Center of Harvard University (USA) said that the current war in Ukraine is not an event where the two sides are suddenly and forced to enter. The conflict was actually the result of a well-calculated campaign on the part of Russia.
In fact, the director of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) William J. Burns during his visit to Russia in November last year directly warned about Moscow's intention to launch a special military operation in Ukraine. The purpose of Mr. Burns' trip at that time was to clarify Russia's true intentions, after US intelligence learned that Moscow might be planning to launch an operation.
When he returned to Washington, Mr. Burns confirmed that President Vladimir Putin was most likely ready to lead Russia into war. The owner of the Kremlin seems to judge that this time is ripe, when the West is weakening and divided by political factors, epidemics; and Russia is getting stronger in both position and power.
Meanwhile, Ukraine is also showing more signs of leaning towards the West - which is a very dangerous development for Russia's security in Putin's view. Moreover, the Russian leadership has generally held that Ukraine is part of Russia due to many similarities, making a pro-Western Ukraine all the more difficult to accept. Dumping troops to intervene in Ukraine at this time became Russia's first action in its effort to regain political influence in Eastern Europe in general, after Ukraine will be other countries that were part of the former Soviet Union.
For months, the West has repeatedly warned of the risk of Russia conflict with Ukraine. A list of economic and political sanctions has also been prepared and published in advance, with public warnings that the Russian economy will suffer consequences if Russia sends troops into Ukraine, but all seem to be not enough. Experts agree that the West, despite signs of increasingly serious escalation, did not anticipate that Russia might choose a military option to solve the Ukraine problem.
“This is an incredible event and will have many consequences. This move will have terrible consequences for the US, the West, and even the Russians. Europe, America and Ukraine have miscalculated. The two sides have sought to draw closer with the assumption that Russia will only concentrate troops on the border, not go further. However, the mistake is understandable because the calculations of the Putin administration have always caused headaches for opponents," Ignatius said.
The world order will have many changes
According to an article in The Straits Times by Professor Chan Han Chee of the National University of Singapore, there are several reasons why Russia wants to regain its sphere of influence in Eastern Europe, but the most basic one is still a matter of status.
Russia wants to be recognized as a great power. And a great power always tends to exercise influence and exclude other great powers from its vicinity. Restoring Russia's status as a great power is of utmost importance to President Putin as well as to the vast majority of Russians.
This clearly shows why Russia is not only determined to prevent Ukraine from joining the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) but also requires Washington to promise Moscow that the US will not sign a treaty into force. similar.
On the other hand, it seems that this is not because Russia actually feels threatened by NATO forces on its borders, but also because if Washington promises that Ukraine will never become a member of the Soviet Union. NATO members have clearly acknowledged the right of Russia, as a great power, to deny the US strategic presence within Moscow's sphere of influence.
However, the most obvious possibility at present, the incident in Ukraine in the long run will fundamentally reshape the defense policy of the US and Europe in the direction of viewing Russia as the top threat. NATO forces will be restructured and strengthened in the east, while Finland and Sweden, long-neutral countries, will join the alliance.
The difficulty of Europe in responding to Russia now is that many countries here depend on Russian energy sources. Germany, Europe's largest economy, buys up to 50% of the gas it consumes from Russia. Experts say that there will be continuing motivations for Europe to be more energy independent from Russia. One of the options is to use liquefied natural gas imported from the US, although the added cost will not be pleasant.
However, the limitations in the ability to respond to Russia have made it possible for the West to understand its vulnerability more than ever, and its ability to control Russia is not as great as it has long been calculated.
“This will be a long-term conflict, not just beginning and ending with Ukraine. This should be a wake-up call for the West to rethink how it interacts with the world, how to protect its allies, and prepare for a difficult future that most people can't even imagine. If Russia

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