Korean girls need hangers, only underwear by default also attracts attention to 1 point on the body

 Although the wearing principle of Korean women is to avoid open-breasted clothes and 2-piece tops, some girls still have a way to attract the attention of the opposite person to a point on the body, which is wearing a bra with Striking colors on the inside. At first, this style of wearing caused a lot of controversy, even being considered sloppy and lacking in sophistication, but recently, "glow" lingerie has become a trend promoted by many beauties. .

Recently, a hot girl attracted attention because she put on a flattering outfit including a thin "flying wing" shirt combined with skinny jeans. No need to wear overly revealing items, she still scored thanks to cleverly choosing a body-hugging design, highlighting her feminine curves.

However, there are still some opinions that the use of contrasting black bras on the inside will make the outfit less beautiful. Especially the tight-fitting shirt style, which is fragile and stretchy, makes the wrinkles even more obvious. The contrast between colors also makes the "glow lingerie" fashion reduce the neatness of the outfit.

To avoid causing allergies, girls can choose nude chest stickers, matching the body color when combined with too thin shirts. Another safer wearing tip is to wear tight-fitting t-shirt designs that are thick enough to help shield the inner layer of underwear. However, for light-colored shirts, you should still pay attention to choose sur-tone underwear, with a foam that is not too thick because it will leave the frame behind the shirt.

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