Korean girl attracts attention in the parking lot thanks to wearing a shirt with a slim waist and full chest

 White shirts are an indispensable "nostalgic lady" in women's wardrobe because they are the most popular, never out of fashion and easy to wear and coordinate. Not only that, in the 19th century, designing shirts with diverse colors and elaborately decorated collars became the most favorite fashion trend of men. However, people still prefer white and think that it is a symbol of prosperity and regal of the wearer.

Coco Chanel once praised the white color of the shirts: “Women think of all colors but forget about colorlessness. I still say that black is all-inclusive. So is white. Their beauty is monolithic. They strike the perfect balance.”

Today, white shirts are more abundantly combined by women with many different designs. It is no longer confined to the office environment, but has been included by many designers in their collection, creating an interesting but equally charming phase difference on the fashion catwalk.

However, there are still many girls who attract attention when wearing a short, tight shirt, like this girl. Wearing a white shirt style, showing off her slim waist, the beauty lost points because of the lack of sophistication. This is a basic mistake that women often make when wearing tight shirts. Besides, if the dress is not smart, it will also reveal the ugly lines of underwear.

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