Concussion of the purchase of Chelsea: Abramovich lost ownership, not allowed to sell the club

 British government freezes Abramovich's assets - Chelsea cannot be sold

The British government has announced Roman Abramovich is one of seven Russian businessmen who will have their assets frozen indefinitely, a measure of retaliation for Russia's war in Ukraine. According to The Times, this means that any transfer to Chelsea will not be allowed to take place.

According to The Times's Steven Swinford, Abramovich's assets in the UK are all "frozen" and Chelsea is among them, although the UK Treasury has given Chelsea a special license for the club to continue operating. so their football matches are not affected. However, Roman Abramovich could not sell the club.

But what's even more shocking is that Abramovich even sold Chelsea would not receive even a dime. Swinford said the British Government considers Chelsea a special property of British culture and besides, the transfer of ownership of Chelsea needs to be through the supervision of a special council. Abramovich will not receive money to sell Chelsea either directly or indirectly.

Abramovich is among seven major Russian businessmen whose assets have been frozen, citing his close relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Abramovich has benefited quite a bit from football-related economic activity, including tax breaks for his company, stock trading at bargain prices and bidding for World Cup-related commercial contracts. 2018.

Even Chelsea's operating license is an extremely ambiguous thing, because Chelsea can only let fans buy season tickets to watch, but not sell tickets. Clubs are paid player and coach salaries, travel expenses, security costs, club operations, etc., but travel expenses for their away matches are limited. at £20,000, a number that would give Chelsea a headache if they played away in the Champions League.

Abramovich is accused of having a hand in the Ukraine war

Despite Abramovich's statements and gestures that the profits from the sale of Chelsea will be donated by him to charities that support victims of the Ukraine war, the British government insists that it is the Russian billionaire who has the table. hand in this war.

According to allegations by the British government, Abramovich is the largest shareholder of the Evraz group (28.6% stake), a corporation that supplies steel to the Russian military to build armored vehicles and other war vehicles. . The group's income has increased 45% to $14.2 billion in the past two years due to contracts with the Russian military.

Evraz shares are listed on the London Stock Exchange and the group also has a branch in North America (it even supplied steel to the US military). Still, Evraz stock has fallen 30% in the past two weeks after war broke out and Western nations imposed economic sanctions on businesses that abet Russia.

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